Marjorie Black, my inspiration.

I grew up watching the sacrifices of my grandmother, who raised three generations (including myself). She worked full-
time and had an open-house policy for all in the neighborhood; she provided food and love, and has always been my
inspiration. The question commonly asked by neighborhood friends is, “Is your Grandmother cooking this Sunday?”

In her work as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor for 30 years, my now-retired Grandmother assisted many people in getting off
the streets, and helped to rehabilitate them. She worked with my Aunt Brenda Dooling, who has also inspired me with her
own mission of helping others.

My Grandmother is the backbone of our close-knit family, and it is the love and support of my family which makes me the
woman that I AM today.

Growing up, I didn’t realize how much effort it took by my Grandmother to help the community, our family, and also
neighboring families. Now, knowing the amount of effort it did take on her part, and also the part of others, she has
inspired and instilled in me the desire to reach out and work with the community.

Our community doesn’t owe us anything; we owe it to the community to help in any way possible. Having a son of my own
has given me the determination to reach out to our youth, and assist with their growth and success.

You never know when you are going to need help.

…and now off to College. We couldn’t be more proud.

TO BE CONTINUED: My late grandmother Majorie Black,
has passed on in 2015. She left a great legacy behind,
which will carry on and dedicated in her memory. Love you Ma!